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  1. Sources: Xfinity X1 Cable Google 4K Chromecast with Google TV Disney+ Paramount+ Netflix Peacock Premium Bluray Disc LG OTA Channels Amazon Prime Video
  2. Hey guys...I've been a little busier building a new HT in my basement/man cave then I have been watching movies! I still have my daily rig in the living room: Yamaha RX-V481 AVR Vizio 60" LED TV Sony 5.1 speaker system with 10" powered sub PS4 for games and Bluray The starter system in the man cave will be: Denon AVR-E200 Receiver LG 70" HDR 4K LED TV Jamo S803 HCS 5.0 Speaker system Polk Audio 10" powered sub PS5 and Xbox One S I want to eventually upgrade the man cave system to a better AVR and maybe Klipsch speakers as budget allows, but what I have should be a pretty good system for now! Next will be a whole theater theme for the man cave!
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