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Love and Monsters ( 2020 )

16/10/20 Comedy, Action, Adventure and Fantasy 1hr 49min
An Apocalyptic Love Story Description

Seven years since the Monsterpocalypse began, Joel Dawson has been living underground in order to survive. But after reconnecting over radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee, Joel decides to venture out to reunite with her, despite all the dangerous monsters that stand in his way.

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This is a neat movie - a little goofy in parts, but that adds to the character of the movie.  Dylan O'Brien is the hero (you may remember him taking the lead in the Maze Runner movies) who leaves the uncertain safety of his group to traverse the landscape of a shattered earth ridden with monster sized bugs and creatures hell bent on devouring people.  Great effects, great acting, some funny moments that lighten the mood.  Just a great movie.  I love it all the way to the bank and back.

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I like Dylan O'Brien, he was brilliant in the Maze Runner franchise, and he pulls this one off without a bad moment in sight.  Nice story that sees him traversing a dangerous landscape filled with monster sized bugs and creatures that want to eat him, all in order to see his long lost girlfriend who he had to leave when the troubles started.  The effects are top notch, the journey is adventurous and there are some nice goofy moments that just add to the character of the story without making it cheesy.  Some nice twists in the story and the movie makes for really good and enjoyable viewing.  It was a pleasant surprise that Netflix pulled out of the bag.


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