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The Transporter Refueled ( 2015 )

03/09/15 Action, Thriller and Crime 1hr 36min
He Delivers. Description

The fast-paced action movie is again set in the criminal underworld in France, where Frank Martin is known as The Transporter, because he is the best driver and mercenary money can buy. In this installment, he meets Anna and they attempt to take down a group of ruthless Russian human traffickers who also have kidnapped Frank’s father.

80 %

Not a bad movie, but it's not Jason Statham.  When an actor is involved in a franchise it's not a good idea to change the actor and keep the franchise; it doesn't really fit.  The new guy gives it his best shot, but man Statham is sorely missed in this franchise.  Not a bad movie, can't say it's crap, but disappointing that the main man is missing.

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