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Ghosts of War

You can't hide from yourself.

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Spoiler Alert - don't read any further until you've seen the movie!


I'd have given this movie five stars if it hadn't been for the weird ending.  Five American GI's in WW2 are tasked with guarding a chateau (reason unknown), but it's haunted by its previous owners all of whom were killed by the Germans.  It was all playing out nicely with quite a few jumpy moments, well scripted, well-acted and some nice action sequences, and then came the ending.  What the hell was all that about?  The GI's were actually in Afghanistan, blown to bits by some crazed woman and they were in some kind of Sci-Fi setting with all manner of gizmos attached to their heads, talk about walking off a cliff edge.  It just suddenly ended with no further explanations.  Good movie gone bad.

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