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Stargate Atlantis

Drama 45min

With the Ancients' city of Atlantis discovered in the Pegasus Galaxy by Stargate Command, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Major Sheppard lead a scientific expedition to the ancient abandoned city. Once there, the team not only find themselves unable to contact Earth, but their explorations unexpectedly reawaken the Ancients' deadly enemies, The Wraith, who hunger for this new prey. Now with the help of newfound local allies like Teyla Emmagan, the Atlantis Team sets about to uncover their new home's secrets even as their war of survival against the Wraith begins.

100 %

Oh my, what a brilliant series this is.  Good strong cast, great character chemistry and interactions, fantastic effects, some amazing battle scenes and some truly interesting and original story lines. I could (and do) watch this series over and over and I never tire of watching it. This should have gone on for another five seasons bringing it in line with SG1 - brilliant, just watch it.

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