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New! Save filters option added


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We've added a new feature which allows you to save your filters as a default. This means that you can decide how you want to see entries appear in each category; by default all categories will show entries by rating, but this will be lost if you view additional items - by using the filter options we've introduced you can make this permanent by following the instructions below.

For example: If you want to see the entries listed according to their rating then open the filters (see below) and choose by rating and then check to option box to save as default and click the filter button to finalise your choice.

Click the filter button when you enter a category:


Then choose your filter option (as shown below):


If you choose sort by rating then the highest rated will always appear at the top of the listings.

As you can see the filter options are very powerful in allowing you to choose what you want to see first.

Any questions or issues reply below and someone will be along to help you out.