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    Star Trek: The Next Generation Movies


    Star Trek Generationsstar_trek_generations.jpg

    The seventh film in the Star Trek film series. Malcolm McDowell joins cast members including William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. In the film, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D joins forces with Captain James T. Kirk to stop the villain Tolian Soran from destroying a planetary system in his attempt to return to an extra-dimensional realm known as the Nexus.

    Generations was conceived as a handoff from the original cast of the Star Trek films to the cast of The Next Generation. After developing several film ideas concurrently, the producers chose a script written by Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga. Production began while the final season of the television series was being made. Filming took place on the Paramount Studios lots, and on location in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada and Lone Pine, California. The film's climax was revised and reshot following poor reception from test audiences.

    Star Trek Generations was released in the United States on November 18, 1994. Paramount promoted the film with merchandising tie-ins, including toys, books, games, and a website, a first for a major motion picture. The film opened at the top of the United States box office its first week of release and grossed a total of $118 million worldwide. Critical reception was lukewarm, with critics divided on the film's characters and comprehensibility to a casual viewer. Generations was followed by 1996's Star Trek: First Contact, exclusively featuring the Next Generation cast.

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    Star Trek: First Contactstar_trek_first_contact.jpg

    Directed by Jonathan Frakes (in his motion picture directorial debut) and is the eighth film in the Star Trek film series. In the film, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E travel back in time from the 24th century to the mid-21st century to stop the cybernetic Borg from conquering Earth by changing their past. Writers Braga and Moore wanted to feature the Borg in the plot, while producer Rick Berman wanted a story involving time travel. Jonathan Frakes was chosen to direct to make sure the task fell to someone who understood Star Trek.

    The film required the creation of new Starship designs, including a new USS Enterprise. Production designer Herman Zimmerman and illustrator John Eaves collaborated to make a sleeker ship than its predecessor. Principal photography began with weeks of location shooting in Arizona and California, before production moved to new sets for the ship-based scenes. The Borg were redesigned to appear as though they were converted into machine beings from the inside-out; the new makeup sessions took four times as long as their appearances on the television series. Effects company Industrial Light & Magic rushed to complete the film's special effects in less than five months.

    Star Trek: First Contact was the highest-grossing film on its opening weekend. It eventually made $92 million in the United States and Canada. Critical reception was mostly positive. The movie opened in Britain on December 13, 1996 at number two. It was still a box office success, earning £8,735,340 to become the highest grossing film in the series in that territory.

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    Star Trek: Insurrectionstar_trek_insurrection.jpg

    Again, directed by Jonathan Frakes. It is the ninth film in the Star Trek film series starring F. Murray Abraham, Donna Murphy, and Anthony Zerbe in main roles. In the film, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E rebels against Starfleet after they discover a conspiracy with a species known as the Son'a to steal the peaceful Ba'ku's planet for its rejuvenating properties. The story's first drafts featured the Romulans, and the Son'a and Ba'ku were introduced in its third draft. After Ira Steven Behr reviewed the script, Piller revised it and added a subplot involving a romantic interest for Jean-Luc Picard. The film's ending was further revised after test screenings. The special effects depicting outer space were completely computer generated, a first for a Star Trek film. The Ba'ku village was fully built on location at Lake Sherwood, California, but suffered weather damage. Sets from the television series Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine were reused and redressed.  Jerry Goldsmith produced the film's score, his fourth for the franchise.

    Insurrection was the highest-grossing film on its opening weekend, making $22.1 million in the United States and Canada. The film went on to gross $70.2 million in the United States and Canada, and an additional $42.4 million in other territories, for a theatrical run of $117.8 million worldwide. Critical responses to the film were mixed; the performance of Patrick Stewart and the directing of Jonathan Frakes were praised, while other critics compared it to an extended episode of the television series.

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    Star Trek: Nemesisstar_trek_nemesis.jpg

    Directed by Stuart Baird, it is the tenth film in the Star Trek franchise. It was written by John Logan from a story developed by Logan, Brent Spiner, and producer Rick Berman. In the film, which is set in the 24th century, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E are forced to deal with a threat to the Federation from a clone of Captain Picard named Shinzon, who has taken control of the Romulan Empire in a coup d'état.

    Principal photography for the film took place from November 2001 to March 2002. The film was released in North America on December 13, 2002 by Paramount Pictures, and received generally mixed reviews, with publications criticising it for being the least successful in the franchise. The premiere of Star Trek: Nemesis took place at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on December 9, 2002. It was attended by the cast and crew, except for Jonathan Frakes who was away directing the film Thunderbirds. The after party was held in the Kodak Theatre complex. Producer Rick Berman has suggested that Nemesis's performance may have been negatively affected by ‘the competition of other films’ at that time.

    The film's gross domestic income was the lowest of the franchise at $43,254,409 as of September 2008. It opened at #2 in the US box office and was the first Trek film not to debut as the highest-grossing film of the week. It earned a total of $67,312,826 worldwide, against a production budget of $60 million. Because of this, plans for a final film featuring The Next Generation cast were scrapped.

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