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Hey guys...I've been a little busier building a new HT in my basement/man cave then I have been watching movies!  I still have my daily rig in the living room:

Yamaha RX-V481 AVR
Vizio 60" LED TV
Sony 5.1 speaker system with 10" powered sub
PS4 for games and Bluray

The starter system in the man cave will be:

Denon AVR-E200 Receiver
Jamo S803 HCS 5.0 Speaker system
Polk Audio 10" powered sub
PS5 and Xbox One S

I want to eventually upgrade the man cave system to a better AVR and maybe Klipsch speakers as budget allows, but what I have should be a pretty good system for now!  Next will be a whole theater theme for the man cave!

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Xfinity X1 Cable
Google 4K Chromecast with Google TV
Peacock Premium
Bluray Disc
LG OTA Channels
Amazon Prime Video

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Sounds like a really nice set up you have going there.  I'd love to have a basement so I could really ramp things up, as it is I live in an apartment and I have to consider the neighbours lol.

There's a few items in your sources list that must be unique to the US - I can get, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime but none of the others.  I use Sky Q which is probably our equivalent in the UK to your Xfinity X1 Cable but ours uses satellite rather than cable.

Give it some when you get it all set up and make the ground rumble lol.


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