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The Iron Mask

The Russian Czar Peter the Great commissions Jonathan Green, an English traveller, to map the Far East territories of the Russian Empire. Green sets off on yet another long journey, full of unbelievable adventures, which eventually leads him to China. On his way, the famous cartographer makes breath-taking discoveries, meets mysterious creatures, Chinese princesses, deadly masters of oriental martial arts, and even Lun Van, the King of Dragons, himself. What could be more perilous than looking into the eyes of Viy? Only meeting him again… What will prevail this time — the unflinching scepticism of the scientist or ancient black magic, which has already gained influence over the Far East Lands?


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This was one weird movie.  Strangely though it was compelling to watch, just to see what it was all about - spoiler now so stop reading if you intend to watch this movie.

You don't actually find out until around two thirds of the way through what the movie is about.

The action sequences were good, far-fetched, but entertaining, nonetheless.  There's a lot going on and it really is weird, but I enjoyed it for what it was, a bit of escapism.  

I was surprised to see that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the executive producer, but then if it's your money going into making the movie you can be assured of a part lol.

Not much of Jackie Chan in the movie, at least not as much as I'd have liked, but he was up to his usual standard of martial arts.  Should you watch this?  Give it a go and see what you think, but be sure you don't have to pay to see it (unless it's going for 99p lol). I wouldn't buy it to keep, but that's me.


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