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What is Movies Buffs?

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I'll tell you first what Movie Buffs is not - it's not about informing you of new upcoming movies (though we may add this feature if it's asked for enough).

What Movie Buffs is - it's a website based on specialised apps, forums, and a CMS (Content Management System) that allows YOU the Movie Buff to add the movies and TV Shows you love the most and talk about them with likeminded people.  It's also about helping you to make friends through the unique and distinct features on offer that you won't find elsewhere. 

If you love movies and good TV Shows and want to share your favourites with others, then Movie Buffs is where it's at. Bottom line is, that it's all down to whether you have enough interest in sharing and talking about movies and TV Shows as to whether this site is for you.  Lurking is fine, we don't mind anyone looking around and discovering what's on offer, but the real magic happens when you engage with others.  It's good to talk. Talking engages you with others, expands your knowledge and expands your circle of friends.

If you want to share and add content you need to register, just as you needed to register on Twitter or Facebook to use those sites; we're no different and to be blunt, that's the way the system we use works.  It will take you all of 2 minutes or less to register and then you can modify your own profile, decorate it with a banner, choose your own avatar and set up your account settings just the way you want and make use of everything on offer - and it's all free and ad-free.

So, are you a Movie Buff?  If you are, we'd love to see you around.


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