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Making Friends

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As we promised we have a new feature that has been added to allow you to make friends - it works in a similar way to how you make friends on Facebook.

You need to be a registered member in order to use the friends feature - sorry to all those who don't want to register, but this is just the way the system works and we have no control to allow non-members to use this feature.

So, once you have registered and taken a look around, note down those member names you'd like to be friends with.  Head over to your user profile - see screenshots below:

You can click the friend's icon in the main menu bar:


Or you can head over to your profile by clicking your avatar or name in the main menu bar and then click 'profile' - the first option is likely the easiest.


Once there, click on the tab marked 'friends' - isn't it intuitive lol?


Click the BIG white cross:


A pop up panel will appear and you just need to start typing usernames into the field - a list of possible users will appear and you just click on the one you want to add as a friend:


Then just click the green 'Add Friend' button and you're done.  A notification of your request will be sent to the member and if they accept you will also receive a notification that your request has been accepted.

You can keep track of your friends by accessing your profile, clicking the friends tab, and then using the tabs 'Requests Received' and 'Requests Sent'

This is a great feature that encourages members to form friendships with other members and, hopefully, those friendships will extend beyond the confines of this site - who knows?



Note:  As always, any questions or issues just add a reply below and someone will get back to you in good measure.

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