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How to add a Movie or TV Show

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This is perhaps the easiest of all applications to allow you to add content very quickly and simply.

First decide what title you want to add and what category it best falls into - don't worry if you're not sure, just add it where you think best and if we believe it should go under a different category, we can move it very easily.  So, choose a category by clicking/tapping on the top menu item View or Add Movies/TV Shows:


Choose the category you want to add your Movie or TV Show into; you can use the category menu on the right of the screen (lower down on mobiles) or scroll through the main category list and click/tap on the 'Name' of the category (not the image).

This is the right-hand category menu - the arrows point to examples of where you need to click/tap:


Once you are in the category you want to add to click/tap on the Submit an Entry button:


After you click/tap this button you will see a form that needs to be filled in - don't worry, all you need to do is type the title of your Movie/TV Show into the Title field; once you start typing a list of Movies/TV Shows will appear, the more accurate your typing of the title the narrower the options become.



If the Add This Movie/Add This TV Show green button appears next to a title, this means you can add that title (shown in the first item in the list above) if there is no green button (as in the second item in the list above) that means that title has already been added by someone else. To add your chosen movie click the green 'Add this Movie' button.


Some new fields have been added to the submission form, all of them optional, that is you don't have to add anything to them if you don't want to: You can add your own opinion and add your rating (number from 0 to 100) and add a poster backdrop (must be a large image and optimised, if you're not sure leave it blank and we will add one for you).



 All you need do now is scroll to the very bottom of the form and click/tap the Submit Entry button and you're done.


In steps:

1. Click/Tap the Movies/TV Shows main menu button
2. Choose a Category
3. Click/Tap the Submit an Entry green button
4. Type the title of your entry in the first form field
5. See if the Add Movie or Add TV Show button is available, if so click/tap it
6. Click the Submit Entry green button at the bottom of the form

You're done.  It sounds and probably looks complicated but trust me, it is dead easy, and you can add entries as fast as you can type and click/tap buttons.

Any problems, issues or questions mention them below and someone will answer you in good measure.


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