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    • An incredible series. I just barely finished it last night. Took me a while to see it, but I'm glad I did. I do hope they make a season 2.
    • This was a seriously great TV Show that was ripped from us just when everything the revelations were leading up to were about to be revealed; cancelled, without a thought for those who had followed this series from the start - sheer madness on the part of the producers.  If you don't mind being somewhat disappointed with the ending, this is still worth watching.
    • The acting in this series is a bit low par, but I do like it - waiting in anticipation for season three.  It does get better as it moves along so bear with it if you decide to give it a go.
    • I'm going to watch this from the beginning as I've previously dropped in and out of different seasons and episodes to see what it was like; I quite enjoyed it so from the start.
    • I love this series!  I am glad Prime picked it up after SyFy dropped it!  I can't wait for the next season to drop!
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    • I've added a new light theme for those who prefer this style.  Choosing light/dark is now made very easy thanks to a new button in the main navigation bar: If you're viewing in the dark theme there will be a light bulb - clicking this will activate the light theme. Conversely, if you are viewing the light theme then that bulb with be shown as a crescent moon - clicking that will move you back to the dark theme. All nice and easy and the transformations are near instantaneous.  Happy days for everyone. Enjoy 
    • Today I've removed the discussion forums for the Movies and TV Shows, instead you can now comment directly on the movie page and you can also leave a review as well.  This consolidates the experience by keeping everything on the same page and adding the added dimension of allowing reviews. Reviews differ from comments in that you can give a rating of up to five stars and this alone may help other decide if this movie or TV Show is worth considering. It's now down to you to make these new additions work by leaving a comment and/or a review whichever takes your pleasure. Enjoy!
    • First choose a category from either the movies listing or Tv Show listing. When you are in the category of your choice you will see, in the top right corner, a submit entry button (shown below): Click this button and then start typing the title of you chosen movie or TV Show (see below): As you begin to type you will see a list of possible matches: When you see your matched options and the movie or TV Show is showing, click the add button as indicated by the arrows above. Note:  If you do not see an 'add' button next to your choice it means this title has already been added to the site. When you have clicked your add button the system will automatically add the necessary information and all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Submit Entry' button (see below) and you're done. Choose category, click 'add entry' button, type, choose by clicking 'add' button and finish by clicking 'Submit Entry' and you're all done in a few easy steps - simples! Any problems or issues add your comments to this topic or send a Private Message to an Admin or Moderator for further help.  
    • @Lee Just seen this, it should be fixed now - let me know.
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