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    • There are three types of ratings at play on this site.  The ones below are primary ratings based on user feedback from both this site and from the Movie Database site: Number 1: This is the rating based on user feedback from the Movie Database site and represents a percentage rating of the overall total number of votes given by those using the MD site. Number 2: This is a star rating out of five stars based on two factors - your own personal rating of a movie (explained below) and the cumulative ratings given by users of this site when they add a review. Number 3: This third rating is what you personally give when adding a new movie or TV Show - this is shown alongside your own personal opinion of your entry and will be added to Number 2 above - this is important when there are no other reviews/ratings by other users. All these give a personal rating, a site cumulative rating and an external rating.  Combined they should give you an overall view of how well a movie or TV Show is received.  This, of course, need not put you off watching a movie or TV Show as your own personal experience may differ, just use these as a guide and you will soon suss out which ratings are most applicable that go alongside your own tastes. Enjoy!  Any questions are comments just reply below.
    • I'll tell you first what Movie Buffs is not - it's not about informing you of new upcoming movies (though we may add this feature if it's asked for enough). What Movie Buffs is - it's a website based on specialised apps, forums, and a CMS (Content Management System) that allows YOU the Movie Buff to add the movies and TV Shows you love the most and talk about them with likeminded people.  It's also about helping you to make friends through the unique and distinct features on offer that you won't find elsewhere.  If you love movies and good TV Shows and want to share your favourites with others, then Movie Buffs is where it's at. Bottom line is, that it's all down to whether you have enough interest in sharing and talking about movies and TV Shows as to whether this site is for you.  Lurking is fine, we don't mind anyone looking around and discovering what's on offer, but the real magic happens when you engage with others.  It's good to talk. Talking engages you with others, expands your knowledge and expands your circle of friends. If you want to share and add content you need to register, just as you needed to register on Twitter or Facebook to use those sites; we're no different and to be blunt, that's the way the system we use works.  It will take you all of 2 minutes or less to register and then you can modify your own profile, decorate it with a banner, choose your own avatar and set up your account settings just the way you want and make use of everything on offer - and it's all free and ad-free. So, are you a Movie Buff?  If you are, we'd love to see you around.
    • Two new features will be coming soon. First, there will be a series of articles on the various film franchises with links to all the movies and discussions. Secondly, there will a new Top 20 feature where you can vote movies up or down according to your preferences - you will also be able to suggest movies that can be added to the top twenty. As this becomes more popular the top twenty could eventually become a top fifty and may even span different genres. These will all be coming in the early part of 2021. Enjoy!
    • As we promised we have a new feature that has been added to allow you to make friends - it works in a similar way to how you make friends on Facebook. You need to be a registered member in order to use the friends feature - sorry to all those who don't want to register, but this is just the way the system works and we have no control to allow non-members to use this feature. So, once you have registered and taken a look around, note down those member names you'd like to be friends with.  Head over to your user profile - see screenshots below: You can click the friend's icon in the main menu bar: Or you can head over to your profile by clicking your avatar or name in the main menu bar and then click 'profile' - the first option is likely the easiest. Once there, click on the tab marked 'friends' - isn't it intuitive lol? Click the BIG white cross: A pop up panel will appear and you just need to start typing usernames into the field - a list of possible users will appear and you just click on the one you want to add as a friend: Then just click the green 'Add Friend' button and you're done.  A notification of your request will be sent to the member and if they accept you will also receive a notification that your request has been accepted. You can keep track of your friends by accessing your profile, clicking the friends tab, and then using the tabs 'Requests Received' and 'Requests Sent' This is a great feature that encourages members to form friendships with other members and, hopefully, those friendships will extend beyond the confines of this site - who knows? Enjoy! Note:  As always, any questions or issues just add a reply below and someone will get back to you in good measure.
    • This is so easy - click/tap the View or Add Movies/TV Shows menu item:   Pick a category and start viewing the entries - when you find something that interests you click/tap on the title or image of a Movie/TV Show in the listings: You can then view a load of different information about the title such as Cast, Crew, Trailers, Posters, Images and Similar Titles. At the bottom you can also click/tap the Join The Discussion button which will take you to the forum item of the title and you can discuss the title with other members. Once there you can add your reply or start the discussion if no one else has replied by clicking/tapping into the reply box: When you've finished typing your message just hit the Submit Reply button and you're done. You have a fair bit of control over what you add in the reply box by using the options along the top of the editor: Try things out to see what they do - note, not all options may be available as some items are for admins and moderators only. Any questions or issues reply to this topic below and someone will help you out in good measure. Enjoy!
    • This is perhaps the easiest of all applications to allow you to add content very quickly and simply. First decide what title you want to add and what category it best falls into - don't worry if you're not sure, just add it where you think best and if we believe it should go under a different category, we can move it very easily.  So, choose a category by clicking/tapping on the top menu item View or Add Movies/TV Shows: Choose the category you want to add your Movie or TV Show into; you can use the category menu on the right of the screen (lower down on mobiles) or scroll through the main category list and click/tap on the 'Name' of the category (not the image). This is the right-hand category menu - the arrows point to examples of where you need to click/tap: Once you are in the category you want to add to click/tap on the Submit an Entry button: After you click/tap this button you will see a form that needs to be filled in - don't worry, all you need to do is type the title of your Movie/TV Show into the Title field; once you start typing a list of Movies/TV Shows will appear, the more accurate your typing of the title the narrower the options become. If the Add This Movie/Add This TV Show green button appears next to a title, this means you can add that title (shown in the first item in the list above) if there is no green button (as in the second item in the list above) that means that title has already been added by someone else. To add your chosen movie click the green 'Add this Movie' button. Some new fields have been added to the submission form, all of them optional, that is you don't have to add anything to them if you don't want to: You can add your own opinion and add your rating (number from 0 to 100) and add a poster backdrop (must be a large image and optimised, if you're not sure leave it blank and we will add one for you).  All you need do now is scroll to the very bottom of the form and click/tap the Submit Entry button and you're done. In steps: 1. Click/Tap the Movies/TV Shows main menu button 2. Choose a Category 3. Click/Tap the Submit an Entry green button 4. Type the title of your entry in the first form field 5. See if the Add Movie or Add TV Show button is available, if so click/tap it 6. Click the Submit Entry green button at the bottom of the form You're done.  It sounds and probably looks complicated but trust me, it is dead easy, and you can add entries as fast as you can type and click/tap buttons. Any problems, issues or questions mention them below and someone will answer you in good measure. Enjoy!
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